HI! Welcome to my site/blog!

Hello, my name is Jilann and I am the blogger. And, I want you to read my blog.

(This picture is from a play that I did with my daughters about this time last year. The glasses are fake! I really don’t have to wear reading glasses – YET! But, true confession, I did just update my contact prescription, and it is a bi-focal contact. This way no one knows I need reading glasses.)

I have been a blogger in the past, but life got busy and I decided to take a break. So, I thought I would start afresh with a new place and a new look. I’m not sure starting over is the best option, but it is what I decided. New things are inspiring to me. I like change in this regard. It helps to motivate me. New place, new plan, new purpose.

 To tell you a little about myself…

 I wear three major hats in our family. “Hat #1” – I am wife/mother to my husband and three beautiful girls.

(Searching for the PERFECT Charlie Brown Christmas tree, last year.)

(I’m quite fond of him!)

Our home is what we call our little ranch. We live on 5 acres (which husband wishes was 500 acres). It is here that he pretends it’s more and we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor. There are days when my girls question whether or not they truly enjoy the fruits, but it is fruitful.

We have a hen house full of chickens – which are kind enough to supply us with lots of fresh eggs. Our newest chicken adventure is to see if we can hatch some eggs. Round 1 down and it didn’t go so well. No babies hatching. But, I am convinced, my husband will not let this stop him from trying again. He went on youtube and found out how to make a homemade incubator. I told him I heard we could possibly borrow one from a local 4H office, but he would not be deterred from making his own! So, back to the drawing board. He’ll do some figuring to try and determine why they may have not made it all the way to hatching, and we will try it again. Because…he doesn’t give up easily and that’s the kind of awesome man I married.

Besides chickens, we also have rabbits, sheep, and horses. As well as 2 dogs and a cat. I promise we do not eat horses, dogs, or cats, but the others is where the not enjoying part comes in for my girls. In truth, all 4 of us were a bit skeptical at first. But, we have all learned that rabbit does taste like chicken and lamb is really yummy (and even sheep makes decent “hamburger”).

Besides our animals, we are also in our third year of planting a garden. I told my husband, let’s start small. His idea of small was 30×40. This was my idea of HUGE. I will admit, I have since tried to figure out how we could make it bigger, but at first it was VERY OVERWHELMING. This year we are adding a small little area for herbs, so I have converted to wanting a bigger garden as well. Each year we have tried something new to see if we like it. This year we are trying eggplant. We shall see how it goes. I am also committed to being better at “putting up” more of our veggies this year. Summer events start happening and I get carried away.

With the start of our garden, I also ventured into the world of canning. I have learned to can green beans, tomatoes, pickles, dilly beans, salsa, spaghetti sauce, pickled beets, applesauce, apple pie filling, and raspberry jam. The apples were not from our orchard, but my awesome husband has started an orchard here for us. I am hoping that this year we will have some fruit from it – apples, cherries, peaches, pears – something from one of them will be YUMMY!

I will get more pictures as we go. I have not been so good at the picture taking lately, so this will help me keep updated better.

 Well, this is all longer than I expected, so I’m gonna stop here. Next post will be Hat #2.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I haven’t seen a picture of your girls in years!!! They are so beautiful! It sounds like you guys are doing great. I’m so happy for you

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