Christian Youth Theater

What have I been up to the last week, since I haven’t been doing much writing? Well, my oldest girls were in a play this weekend (and next weekend). They are both involved with Christian Youth Theater (CYT). You can find a link for this over to the right. They have both done several plays with this organization. It has not only given them confidence, but I think one of their favorite parts of CYT is the friendships that they have made. By the time a play is over, they are both a little sad, because they won’t be seeing their friends tomorrow.

This organization has been a real blessing to our family. It’s a 10 week program where they have weekly classes focusing on a particular theater area – drama, dance, voice, or technical. Then, you can audition for a play. They play rehearsals occur outside of the class time and happen over the 10 week period as well. At the end of ten weeks they put on a great performance over two weekends. My kids love it! We have been involved since the program began here in Coeur d’Alene in 2007. It’s been fun to see all the kids grow in skills and how the productions have grown in quality. They are great entertainment.

If you haven’t seen Tom Sawyer yet – at the Kroc Center, you should check it out. This is the last weekend! It’s fun you won’t want to miss out on. My husband, who does not enjoy theater as much as the rest of us, thought it was great!

The above pictures are my girls’ program pictures. I’ll have play pictures later this week.

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