Do you coupon?

My how the last week flew by! We had company in town most of the week and I had fun entertaining them. The girls finished up their play this last weekened (I do have pictures, tomorrow I may actually upload them to the computer!) and I delved into the art of coupon shopping.

The cousin who was staying with us is an amazing coupon shopper! Her house is a mini store in and of itself. I’ve heard lots of coupon stories, but it all seemed so overwhelming and like too much work. But, for some reason, she really inspired me. Truth be told, I still may find it a little overhwelming and too much work, but I thought I’d try it. Even my girls are excited about getting in on the action.

So, Sunday night, armed with Albertson’s double coupons, my cousin and I ventured out to save away!

Our first stop was Walgreen’s. I bought 6 Right Guard Deoderants, 3 kid’s Aquafresh, and a box of Triscuits for $3.08 and received and $2 register rewards, so that’s like spending $1.08 for all these items. I was SO EXCITED!! The additional exciting part of it was that my husband had told me that morning he needed deoderant and my daughter had told me she needed tooth paste.

We then headed towards Albertsons. There I spent about $50 on about $200 worth of items. Now, some of these weren’t immediate needs, but all were things that my family will enjoy. I got gum, some snacks, hot dogs, ice cream bars, S’more fixins, Snapple, BBQ sauce, and I can’t remember what else. My gum was all free :) . It seems we’re always buying a new pack of gum, so I was so happy.

I have now been compiling my coupons, trying to get them organized, reading blogs, etc. Truthfully, it’s still a little overwhelming and a lot of work. But, I decided I needed to just dive in and go. My cousin helped me with some hints and with LOTS of coupons.

I watched a video this morning that helped me. She said something that I am really trying to keep at the forefront of my mind while I do all of this: “It’s not how much you save, it’s how much you spend on items you need.” I don’t want to be saving a bunch of money on stuff we wouldn’t normally eat, only to still have to buy all the things we want/need. But, so far so good.

Do you have coupons? Do you have any tips for me? It’s a fun new adventure, we shall see how it goes.

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