CYT Pictures – FINALLY!

I know I said I would do this and yesterday I said it would be today! So, it’s not midnight yet! I dont’ know what it is about downloading pictures to my computer, but I have issues with it. It seems I always have something better to do. But, I’m doing it!

Here are all the kids getting ready for voice warm ups.

The one in the grey jacket and boots, to the right above, that my oldest.

Here are my girls getting into costume.

Injun Joe was SCARY! He did a great job!

Tom and Becky did a great job!

And, Aunt Polly did great, as well!

The congregation singing!

Well, now I know why I procrastinate. Let’s see, I started this a couple hours ago and got distracted with other computer “stuff.” But, as you can see, they all had a great time and put on a FABULOUS performance. Definitely one of my top favs!

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One Response to CYT Pictures – FINALLY!

  1. Cindy says:

    I am SO glad Sammy & I were able to go. We loved it! The girls, and the entire cast, were FABULOUS!

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