Getting Ready for Next Year

So, as I said before, I become somewhat addicted to the following school year about the time I should actually be finishing up the current school year. One of the areas that I am going to focus on this next year is English Grammar/vocabulary. I’ll be honest, I have been somewhat haphazzard with this area. We do a little here and a little there. They can all three speak and write, but sigh, perhaps not diagram a sentence so well.

I’ve got two things that have been recommended to be me by different friends. I’ve only received one of the items so far, so you’ll just have to hold your horses to find out the second – oh the suspense, I know it’s killing you! :)

Anyway, the first item I’ve purchased to help with vocabulary is called Vocabulary from Classical Roots. Here is a link so that you can read some more about it: This review only mentions the upper grades, but they also have an elementary level as well.

I have two different friends that recommended it to me. I am having my youngest do level 4 this next year (she’s going into 5th grade) and my older two (going into 8th & 10th grade) will both be doing Level A.

The focus of this program is Latin and Greek roots. One of my friends talked about how their children both commented on knowing some of the vocabulary words on a standardized state test because of this program.

I have looked through the books. Two things I like about it. My girls should be able to do the majority of the work on their own. I will grade and make sure they are understanding, but they can read it at their pace and work through the book at their pace. The lessons also seem relatively short and not too overwhelming.

I’m excited about using this program for vocabuarly next year!

Do you use a specific “vocabulary” curriculum? How do you teach your children this subject? Do you? What are your thoughts?

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