Wow, it’s been busy around our house!

We are madly trying to enjoy the last bits of summer, plus we have to get ready for the fall.

This week I did some canning. Got our beets all pickled for the husband. These are truly a labor of love. I don’t even like the way beets smell, let alone taste. But, he really loves them, so I make them. My mom and another friend really like them as well, so they do get eaten. I didn’t do as many this year, as I still have some from last year.

Dave has taken the two older girls on an overnight pack trip (each one by themselves). Today he takes the youngest one with him. My middle daughter is not overly fond of the horses, a little fearful, but does enjoy being with her daddy. She took her camera along, which shoots video. If you want a good laugh – watch her video (she is so going to kill me for this!).

My oldest was the first to go. She was fortunate enough to go in June, when there was still snow where they went. Not a lot, but enough to keep them from going as far as Dave wanted to go. The best part of their trip? The sleeping bags never got packed! (Did I mention there was snow?) Thankfully they did have a tent and lots of clothes and the canvas that is used to pack all their stuff onto the horses, so they did not freeze. Let’s just say, they have a memory they will never forget! I’m not sure if it’s because they won’t forget or we won’t let them! :)

My youngest is most excited about the trip. Yesterday she had a “horse friend” here, which quickly made her an expert, so she could show her around. She had a blast on the horse and cannot believe that Dad wants to wait until 3:00 to leave! She’s ready to go and super excited to have this trip.

My task the last few weeks has been working on school schedules and ordering books. It is so fun! I love getting the books. We’ve been getting a package just about everyday for the last week. One day I recieved a box from UPS, FedEx, and the post office. It was the best day ever!

I’m making pretty good progress. It takes so long to get this all typed out. I am trying to plan out for the year, as best I can. There are a couple subjects that I am not going too far, but the ones that are pretty straightforward, I am trying to get all the way through, so that I know we can actually get all the way through them!

The oldest two have also started volleyball practice. So, there’s been a bit of shuttling for that. We had some sore muscles around here the first week, but they seem to be getting back into the flow of volleyball and, for the most part, enjoying it. I know that by the end of the season they will both be glad they did it. It’s social, that’s what it’s all about for both of them!

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One Response to SUMMER IS FLEEING!

  1. KrisR says:

    Haha! Love the video! That’s so cool that they get to do that with their dad! What a great experience!

    Getting packages of school stuff is so much fun! I’m hoping that ours gets here when it is supposed to. We have not had a great track record with K12 getting us our materials on time. :P

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