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So, I know it’s been forever…

I won’t make any excuses. And, some day, I will shock you all and be consistent. Until then, you just have to enjoy them when they come. I’m sure you have been on the edge of your seat just waiting…

And, that’s where I want to start, with those of you at the edge of your…

Can I just say that the amount of spam comments is really annoying! It truly cracks me up when people “comment” on what a great post that is and how invaluable the information is. Now, if it were a post about some real estate smartness that I put out there for you, I would probably fall for it. I cannot tell you how many “comments” I’ve received on my CYT Pictures post. I know, I know, the subjects were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! But seriously, valuable information??? If you are going to spam me, pick a post with value. Until then, please don’t be offended that your comment does not show up on my blog.

Now, on to the real stuff.

We started school! Actually, we are on week 7. And, although I’m pretty sure I say this every year, this is definitely the best year yet. This is our 8th year of homeschooling -WOW! Where does the time go? Sigh, my oldest is quickly approaching graduation. Scary!

See, even she’s scared :) . (A little 4th of July fun.)

Anyway, one of the things that has made this year different than any other year – besides the fact that I am – wait for it – - – actually homeschooling my kids and spending the majority of the day working with them on their schoolwork – is that we have added two extras to our little homeschool.

So, a few people thought I was crazy. But, I promise you, it’s been the best thing to happen to all of us. It has actually kept me in the classroom, on top of scheduling, and making sure that everyone is moving ahead. A little outward motivation does wonders. My girls have a little competition. Who is done with school? Who finished the test first? Who did better on the test? It’s been motivating for them. The girls are really great students, diligent at getting their school work done, and EXCITED to be here and not in the public school where they have been.

Now, before you think I am TOTALLY psycho. Both of them match up schoolwise with two of mine. So, other than extra bodies and extra grading, it has not added any extra classes/work in that regards.

I’m telling you, it has been a huge blessing. I would totally do it all over again.

Wanna know my favorite part? 2 days a week they bring lunch!!! I don’t even have to think about it. It shows up with them. I heat it up and put it on a plate. LOVE IT!!!!!!

Let’s see… where else should I ramble about life to give you some sort of catch up (and I just can’t wait for the commenter who spams me with gratefulness about this amazing post!)?

Besides me actually teaching, we are also part of a co-op. I am so excited for my oldest (remember sparkler girl above) and the Anatomy class she is taking. One of the dads is a nurse, and has volunteered to come in every week and teach the Anatomy & Physiology class. It’s been so awesome to get perspective from someone who actually KNOWS what they are teaching, versus Mom who tries to read just enough ahead to make it appear that she know what she’s teaching, but generally is behind and has to tell them to give me the book so I can figure it out and then explain it to them. (Long sentence, I know. It was intentional.)

Then, my two youngest (one of which is not really “mine” but one of our additions) are in a history class with a mom who LOVES history, is from England originally, and we are studying a lot about that area with the Renaissance, medieval history, etc. It’s been great. And, they are learning so much more than I know.

Another co-op class that I’m excited about is the Memory Period. They are memorzing the Westminister Shorter Catechism Questions/Answers. This is so awesome. We got some CDs that a music to each one, so it makes you pick up on it pretty quickly. But, I guarantee you that on my own, this class would quickly go to the wayside. They have other things that they are learning in this class as well. Latin, geography, and even some grammar helps have been amazing tools that I would never enforce to completion. Now, you get points each week, so they want to get it done.

We are trying to eek the last little bits out of our garden. I have so many green tomatoes, it is not even funny. I fear I will not get done with them what I should, (because, as I said earlier, I’m really teaching) but I have high hopes for them. My canning has not been that great this year. But, I did get some done.

My husband just harvested our honey last night. That is always exciting! And, we got more than we did last year, so that’s fun too.

Oh, and probably the highlight of my husband’s fall has been a moose hunt. In Idaho you get a once in a lifetime moose (this is the part that the wife is happy about). So, when he got drawn for a tag, he went into high gear planning mode. After week’s of prepping, practicing the moose calls, pouring over the map, shopping for food and supplies, and one unsuccessful trip – HE CAME HOME WITH A MOOSE!

Doesn’t he look happy, and cute! (I am referring to my husband, not the moose!)

And now, we have a VERY FULL FREEZER and I am learning to fix anything moose, and we are all loving it. Probably by the time the freezer is empty, we will be sad that we will never have a full moose freezer again.

Well, I do have some more school to do with the girls, so I had better head back to the school room and crack the whip.

Thanks for being patient with me. Until next time…

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