More about me – Hat #2

Hello again! Thanks for joining me! Sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back here. It seems when I’m thining of blogging, my husband thinks he should get some computer time. I guess it’s fair. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the time while he was at work. I just got distracted with other stuff. I shall move right on to “Hat #2.”

 Not only am I “Mom” to my three girls, but I am also their teacher. I homeschool all three of them. We are completing our 7th year of homeschooling. It has been a journey of ups and downs, but a journey that I do not regret. We did not start homeschooling right away. Honestly, as a young adult, I never knew ANYONE who was homeschooled. It was really a foreign concept to me. About the time my oldest was going to be starting kindergarten, we moved. I was moving to a place where I knew NO ONE and was going to have to put my little girl in a school where I knew NO ONE. I was scared. Another friend had been looking into homeschooling, so I began exploring. Despite my fears of putting my child in a school where I didn’t know anyone, my fear of my child growing up and being unable to read, and it being my fault, outweighed this fear. But, I kept on researching.

 Kindergarten went well for her. She was in a small Christian school and we liked it. However, we had moved slightly out of town, so there was quite a commute involved. We were in a smaller town and had heard many good things about the schools there, so we decided to give it a try. Let’s just say it wasn’t what we had hoped for and so the following year we put her (as well as our middle daughter) back into the Christian school. All this while, each year I seriously contemplated the homeschooling. I continued to do research and reading up on different email groups, forums, and websites. But, still my fear kept me from taking the leap. Finally, by the end of the school year, after doing a LOT of driving and helping in the school a couple days a week, we decided that I could probably save us some money by teaching them at home, teaching MY kids, and just taking the BIG LEAP.

So, we began… a third grader, a second grader, and a 3 year old.

I will in no way tell you that I was or am the perfect homeschooler. I am not. I am not good at keeping a strict schedule. I am not good at keeping my kids on task as well as I should. There are some days that I really wish they would just teach themselves, and I could just sit by and watch them learn (and do other projects). But, I will tell you that I have grown and learned as much as each of them has throughout this whole process – probably more!

This year we began the whole high school process! My oldest is finishing up her first her of high school. After reading, this was my biggest fear – could I teach HIGH SCHOOL? But, I have learned that there are so many resources and I have found a great support group of friends who are there when I have a question or concern that are helping me muddle my way through all of this. I have also learned that my girls are pretty forgiving and resilient, and that they are in fact learning, growing, and maturing to be beautiful young women.

(Here is a picture of the oldest 2.)

 I am so grateful I took the homeschooling leap! I am so grateful that I live in a state that really gives me so much freedom to teach my girls the way that I feel is best for them. I am grateful for the opportunity to mold and shape them into the women I believe God wants them to be, and not have them molded and shaped by peers who are not interested in my children’s long term lives.

 I know all homeschoolers have different reasons for homeschooling. And, I think that’s one of the great things about homeschooling. Not only is there a curriculum for every style, but there is a reason for every family. Above isn’t my only reason for homeschooling, at this point, but it was definitely a driving factor in the beginning. And, it is still at the top of my list today.

One of the purposes of this blog will be to share some of my ups and downs, some of the successes I have found that have helped me, as well as some of the things that I would really like a “do over” with. I will also try to share specifically about the area we live in, and the many benefits that are offered here in northern Idaho for those who really want to homeschool their children for one reason or another.

Well, I’m done with hat number 2 for today. (Gee, I can get awfully wordy!) So, stay tuned for hat number 3. I know you can hardly wait, can you?!

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3 Responses to More about me – Hat #2

  1. Heid says:

    woo-hoo!! I have struggled with wanting to homeschool my kids and failed at being studious at it. Hannah has been home this year for kindergarten and it is relatively easy teaching her but very sporadic. Her brother is ready for some pre-school stuff… but he is a boy and is difficult to teach. My problem is scheduling the time and finding the right curriculum for them – they are very different. Then there’s little Megan who is just 2. I want to put them in school at Logos (PCS is too much of a drive) but the expense would be tight on our finances. You know how laid back I can be but with that said, I can go so distracted with general Mom & household stuff that I can go from cleaning up breakfast to needing to get dinner ready and wondering what happened to the day!
    I am excited to read your blog: we love gardening and animals and our kids… I wish we were neighbors!

    • admin says:

      Heid, It WOULD be fun to be neighbors! As you know, I’m pretty laid back, too. Just take it one step at a time and do what your kids need, not what you think everyone else thinks they need. You are uniquely gifted to be their mom and will do great! Enjoy them, because pretty soon, sniff, they’ll be in high school :) .

  2. Erin J. says:

    You know, I never thought I’d be homeschooling either, yet here I am! God does take us on different paths than we expect, doesn’t he? I thought I’d be a public school teacher, and I was, but I guess God had a smaller class for me to teach, but one that I love so much more. :)

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