Nearing the end of the school year

As the end of the school year approaches, if you homeschool, do you find it as difficult as I do? I am so ready to be done! But, why? It’s crazy! You will probably laugh at me. It’s not because I’m ready for summer. It’s not because I’m ready for a break from school. I am ready for both of those things, it’s true. But, I’m ready for it to end, because…

I’m already planning for next year!

Yes, it’s true! I can’t concentrate on what we should be doing right now, because I’m too busy planning what I want to be doing next year. What science do we want to do? How am I going to accomplish that? Am I going to stay at co-op or am I going to just go at it on my own. Who else might want to collaborate on some subjects together? How can I improve their grammar skills? Which curriculum do I want to use next year? What math level are they going to be in? What do I need to purchase? What do I have on hand? What credits does my high school student need? What changes am I going to make? What am I going to keep for sure? It’s a sad state for my mind.

A couple weeks ago, I started thinking through how I might be able to get through ALL of school in one semester, so we could just do little bits here and there after Christmas. I find that I do great up until that time, but then vacation comes and activity levels pick up, and school – oh yea! I am supposed to be making sure they are learning.

OK, it’s not that bad, I promise! They are still doing school. They are all, especially, madly trying to finish up math. We have finished a couple subjects, so that has given them extra time to work on the loose ends. And, many of the activities in the fall are “school” related, just not as easy to check off the check list.

So, if you will excuse me, I need to go read up on how to improve reading comprehension? Ideas? Anyone? …

I’ll be back, soon.

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4 Responses to Nearing the end of the school year

  1. Heidi says:

    I think I’m doing the same thing… what am going to do next year and forgetting sometimes that I need to finish this year first! Hopefully the prepping for next year now we won’t forget at the end of the summer!! :)

  2. Erin J. says:

    Because of the way we homeschool, our learning is really gaining momentum this time of year, and I love it! We usually do a lot more in the summer when we’re active and outside, even more school-ish subjects like math. They did math for an hour and a half this morning by their own choice.

    As far as planning for co-op, ours is undergoing some personnel and scheduling changes this year. I’m both excited and a little nervous to see what it morphs into from where it was previously.

  3. Sara says:

    I was just getting on facebook to ask if anyone has any great recommendations for Lang. Arts for 2nd grade. I’ve been doing some thinking and planning for next year all morning. Would be fun to get together and talk about what has/hasn’t worked for you.

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