About Me

Jilann Carlson

Hello! I’d like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my own passions and interests as well as my reasons for loving the place where we live, the reason I chose to homeschool my kids and my work as a real estate agent.

I am the mother of three beautiful daughters. For the past several years my time has gone to raising and schooling these beautiful gifts. My husband and I want our children to receive the best of home and education, and have felt that, “Hey, who knows them better than we do?” For this reason, we decided we would teach them, at least for now.

Growing Up

The best way to describe my growing up is “many moves.” My father was a military man, and not only did we live all over the country, but all over the world. These many moves have prepared me to be a successful real estate agent in several different ways. I understand what it is like to move from house to house; in each place I lived there were certain characteristics that stood out to me. From that experience, I have a wealth of first-hand knowledge about what make a house a “perfect fit” for all different types and sizes of families. Since we were married, my husband and I have purchased and sold several homes as well. I have discovered what I can or can’t live without; therefore, I can help you with this same discovery.

Why Real Estate?

Real estate seemed to be a field I was naturally drawn to. I learned a long time ago that I love working and interacting with all different types of people so real estate is a perfect fit. Also, I am following in the footsteps of my father and my grandfather, both realtors here in the beautiful northwest. While earning my degree in finance from the University of Idaho, I always felt at some point this would be my career choice. And what better place to be than in beautiful North Idaho? My goal is to help you find the happiness in North Idaho that three generations of my family have found to be the best place on earth to live.

The Importance of Family

Family has always been of utmost importance in my life. Growing up in a military family, I was naturally very close to my parents and my sister. Now, I have my own family: my husband and my daughters who are such a huge part of my life. The girls keep me busy and on my toes, as I watch them grow and mature in different ways each day. Our families are so key to making our lives what they are. Your family’s needs and considerations will always be my top priority.

Working for YOU

Whether buying or selling, I am committed to helping you discover your priorities and meet the goals and desires that will benefit your whole family. I want this to be a time that you not only enjoy, but look back on as one of the most rewarding times in your life. Buying or selling a home is always a monumental marker in our lives. Your real estate experience with me will be one that is both positive and productive.

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  1. Kristi says:

    How very interesting! I also have 3 daughters that I homeschool and am considering real estate down the road as a way to fund my girl’s college education as well as bringing in a needed income. The thought of how to balance it all makes me quite nervous! I am glad to have come across this blog!

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